How do I highlight text as it is spoken in text to speech?

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  • How do I highlight text as it is spoken in text to speech?

    I would really like to make an audio-book that highlights the word that is currently being spoken. If anyone has an idea about how to do this, it would be awesome!

    I think I am asking too much from construct though..

    Here's hoping!

    Many thanks!

  • To highlight words you can use BBcode addon. But if you are asking how to sync voice with text, I don't know if this is possible.

  • I did something like yours, what I did was make the text into sprites(images) instead of using the text function.

    Then highlight with a red color sprite.

    Setting multiple image points on the text sprites.

    Then I put the red borders, set it additive, so i can overlay it on top of the text sprites to "highlight" them.

    Control the red borders with events.

    You can do the same for audio as to how you control your borders.

  • Thanks.

    Really cool of you to take the time to reply with two nice solutions to highlighting text! That's half my problem solved :) Now I just have to figure out how to find out which word is currently being spoken in speech synthesis..

    Anyone have any ideas for this?

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  • I think the only way is to time manually with a stopwatch. And then put some markers into the text. Something like this:

    <0.01>The <0.4>quick <1.0>brown <1.6>fox <2.0>jumps <2.5>over <2.8>the <3.0>lazy <3.5>dog.

    Although, I don't know if speech synthesis has the same reading speed on different devices/browsers.

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