Highlight swishing above text or object?

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  • Hi all,

    for one of my tutorials, I wanted to make the following:

    Whenever a score reaches, let's say 1000 points, the score text is highlighted via an animated shine.

    <img src="http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/4224/70m3.jpg" border="0" />

    See the shine left of the text? As a bullet object, it should run above the text.

    What I do not want is that it also shines the background, as you can see it now. I want only the text or a defined object to be highlighted.

    Any ideas?


  • You could just change the color, size etc. of the text for a short period of time and then reset it again.

    Something like this.


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  • cvp

    Thanks for your idea.

    I can't open your file, though - you seem to work with a beta release. I am using the official 139 stable release.

    You're suggesting something different :-) from what I want to do.

    An idea would be to make an animation of the "Score" text, load it as a sprite and whenever the player reaches a certain amount, the animation starts.

    But with all those WebGL effects, I thought something could be done...

  • Yeah... I know it was not exactly was you were asking for. But it was an alternative :-)

    You could do the animation idea. But you can only do that to the static text and not the score. unless you want to make it really complicated.

    Webgl is not what I do best sry. so cant really help you there.

    p.s. The beta includes the very AWESOME debugger ^^

  • I am pretty sure it can be done with one of the blend mode options but I really couldn't get the hang of them myself. I would suggest trying them if you didn't already.



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