High Score Not Showing

  • I'm having problems with getting my high score showing on another layout.

    Global number HighScore = 0

    Global number Score = 0

    Under my "scoring" section I have:

    System|Score > HighScore|WebStorage|Set local key "HighScore" to Score

    Now under my "Dead" layout/events I have:

    System|On start of layout|System|Create object Text(Text Field for highscore) on layer 0 at(18,455)

    Just under that:

    Text|Set text to HighScore

    Now when I play the game and die the highscore does not show, However when I click "try again" button and go back to the main layout and play again then die the highscore shows the last highscore.

    It's not updating my "current" highscore upon first play..

    How do I go about fixing that?

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  • Here is a working logic.

    Don't forget to set int or it won't show on mobiles.

  • Ah ha! Thank you very much vagaev, That fixed everything!

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