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  • So, as the title said, I'm brand new to this amazing program. I've been watching some tutorials here and there on youtube, but they all pretty much talk about the same thing and types of games. I'm trying to recreate a game from my childhood. If any of you has played Pokemon Stadium 2, you might know what I'm talking about. That's right, the Chansey mini game! ( youtu.be/9DpqzKNFqWU ) Which I loved so much. Noticed there weren't too many games like this one, so I'm trying to create my own version of it.

    Anyway, to what I came for. I'm trying to make the character move left and right like in the Chansey mini game. I already have the sprites. I just don't know how to map it to where, if I press "Right Arrow Key" or "D" it goes to that sprite or the sprite disappears to create that effect. Not sure how to properly word this. But I just want the actions to pretty much happen when I press left or right. If anyone can help me with this, I'd be very much grateful!

    Have a lovely day! <3

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  • If it's the one where you move left and right to catch eggs... then that's really easy. Your sprites will need to have those same or similar animations though. If you have those add the keyboard and game pad objects to your project. Then for example have so when game pad left is pressed sprite play animation "left" then do the same for when right is pressed. Copy this and then switch everything to keyboard. I don't have those sprites so I can't obviously test this out for you lol but this should get you started. Oh and you could do also when sprite collides with red egg, sprite play animation "damage" basically you want one sprite to have all the animations you plan to have for that one character. Good luck with your project

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