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  • Hi i want to make a game which will be basically a bike game there will be different level where user will buy weapons but my problem is that i want to make the game like there will be logo if the logo will show biker will not hit but the logo will not there that it will i am using the visible/invisible under this its not working basically the health of biker will decrease when logo will not there

  • 1. Use punctuation (stops, commas, question marks). Your message is a mess and it's hard to understand you.

    2. Clearly explain your problem and your question.

    3. Share your code or capx file.

  • Sorry for punctuation error

    So here is my issue i have created a game, which is basically a hit game to biker. So when user hit the biker from given tools or weapons the health of biker will decrease this case is working properly, but there is new requirement like a want a protection for biker for few seconds in game in that time the user will hit biker but the health of user will be remain same please help me...

    Thanks in advance

  • There is an easy way to do this which is used in many games.

    Add Flash behavior to the player. When biker is hurt, start flashing for 1-2 seconds.

    Add another condition "Is not flashing" to the event. This way while the biker is flashing, it's invulnerable.

    Or you can do this with Timer behavior. Set a variable IsInvulnerable=True, start timer. On Timer event, set IsInvulnerable=False.

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  • Thanks for reply but in my case its not working, there is some time constraint like for 3 seconds biker will get hurt, but after 3 seconds it will not. So next three seconds the health of biker will not decrease when he get hit.

  • Use Timer behavior.

    Or you can create an instance variable TimeLastHurt and do this:

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