How do I make my hevy construct 2 games have no lag

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  • Umm lets say this i have made a single player game focused on a story which is hevily scripted having


    Re-usable diolog




    But the problem is the more hevy scripted layouts i add the more the game lags and bugs ? soo i was thinking if there is a way to make construct 2 to load the sprites per layout like construct classisc

    sorry for bad english

  • As far as I know, sprites are only loaded in the layouts they are present in, so that shouldn't be your problem.

    To make your game have less lag, you'll need to pinpoint exactly what is causing the lag.

    The first thing that I would suspect is your ragdoll physics - this can take tons of processing power, especially if you have too many objects requiring physics calculations.

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  • Well as i can say my ragdolls are kinda hevy so i made only 2 types of raggdolls player + npc and stuff also my proyect has 4 levels

    all using a main event sheet for source of game and exclusive layout event sheets for story maybe the source event Cheet is causing the lag?

    sorry for bad english

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