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  • I wanna make an event that makes the enemies go slower when i press the right mouse button.

    1: So,i tried this:

    Right button: Enemy time scale 0.5

    but...nothing happens

    2: and i tried doing another event:

    Right button: Set time scale 0.5

    but i don't want my char to get slow so i tried:

    Right button:set time scale 0.5

                 set char time scale 1.0

    but the char gets slower anyway,so if you guys can solve one of these i'll be very grateful.(preference for the second one)

  • Time scale is dependent on delta time, so you have to use dt when creating movements.

    Note: behaviors should already have dt applied.

    If time scale is not working for a behavior then it is probably a bug.

  • Newt is right.

    Also you can check this tutorial for more informations on the subject.

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  • thanks now i know what is delta time and framerate independence but if construct doesn't react to the time scale event then it's probably a bug

    Now i managed to make the object scale go back to normal,but his animations are slow,so,since i was cutting the speed by half,i tried multiplicating the speed by two:(object.animationspeed*2)then,the animation got extremely fast,i think this is probably an obvious problem,but...any ideas?

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