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  • Hi, i'm beginer in C2 and i have a problem.

    I have 2 airplanes

    I use the random function to spawn on every X sec(on Y) random EChar1 and EChar2.

    But in gameplay, EChar2 has more speed.

    At times, EChar2 come over EChar1

    Who can help me?

  • Need a little more detail and possibly a CAPX file for us to take a look at.

  • http:/s16.postimg.org/9ur8zr13p/image.jpg




    (i can't post link on formu and i delete a "/" from link)

    If you really need i will give you the CAPX file.

  • If you are saying about the background of the smaller plane hiding the larger than you need to look at alpha. In the image editor that comes with C2 you can use the flood fill with the alpha set to 0 to remove this background.

  • Not the background is the problem, and without background EChar2's wing come over EChar2

  • On your screen there is a background problem as RamPackWobble said, but you said it's a speed problem ?

    How do you move the planes ? Have you checked the initial speed ?

    And you should work with transparent background for your sprites :)

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  • With background or without background is same problem.


    If EChar1 is spawned on Y(500) and EChar2 on Y(510 for example), EChar2 because have more speed, catch up and go over EChar1

  • Claudiu4

    How did you move the planes ?

    Bullet behavior ?

    +y every tick ?

    We have no information about your movement system we cant help you ! :)

  • Yes, EChar1 and EChar2 move with Behaviro -> Bullet

    EChar1 is Crated by the System on every 5 secounds on layer 1 at (random(20 , 1000) -30)

    EChar1 speed = 55

    EChar2 is Crated by the System on every 3.5 secounds on layer 1 at (random(20 , 1000) 1)

    EChar2 speed = 95

  • Hmm, well I think I dont get your problem, it's normal if Echar2 catch up Echar 1 if the speed is greater.

    If your problem is that you don't want the planes to overlap you have to change your spawn system.

  • You have any idea how i can remake spawn system?

  • someone can help me ?

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