[Help]Intel XDK, low frame rate.

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  • (english not perfect sorry)

    Hello everyone.

    I'm working on a little Visual Novel and want to try it on Tablet. I've made a Cordova export (following Ashley's tuto) and then use Intel XDK to built my Crosswalk for Android.

    When I try the android App on my tablet, it's very very slow, and I don't know why.

    I've tested my project with :

    -Chrome for Android on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (work)

    -Opera on Ipad Air (work).

    -Preview on LAN on both tablets (work).

    Every thing works fine. So I guess it's not a Construct problem or a performances issue.

    I'm probably making some stupid mistake with Intel XDK. But my project work perfectly on the Emulate Tab. So I have no idea where I go wrong.

    If you have any idea of what can make my app so slow, please tell me, it will help me a lot

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  • My project has some musics (m4a / ogg).

    Do I have to include "Media" plugin in Intel XDK Cordova mobile app settings ?

    Or "Audio" and "Player" plugins in "Featured & Custom Cordova Plugins" list ?

  • Another thing I don't really understand :

    When I export my Construct project using Cordova, the destination folder is like 2Mo.

    The "project.apk" I got from Intel XDK Android Crosswalk is 20Mo :-/

    Where does this 18mo come from ? ?

    (I just tried to export a little project, with only one sprite, no sound. and it's still very very slow on my tablet, so definitely not a performances issue)

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