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  • Hy there,

    short: i'm a rookie prof since ... ?

    starting with assembler programming of the C64...

    ending hardcore programming with the Amiga.

    (one of that guys, waiting a night for 1 rendered 3D picture)

    I'm shure, since the beginning of the computing aera , gaming milestones were u.a.:

    • Pong
    • Lemmings
    • AMOS Basic...


    To my opinion, your product must be next in row !

    Any tips to what can i (we) do for this ?

    How to help promote it ?

    Go further !

    How to help promote it

  • May be, this is for General Section, but so, i hope to reach more !

  • I'm really glad to see such a nice compliment go out to Ashley and Tom.

    But what exactly does this thread mean to accomplish?

    Are you asked about how you should help promote Construct? or saying you are already pro-active in promoting Construct..?

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  • easy , what to do, even with small public relations to spread c2 to more and more users.

  • Word of mouth for me.

    I introduced my entire diploma grade digital media design school into installing Construct onto the Windows machines and I was told Construct is being used instead of Game Maker for a large project in the curriculum.

    Make games the living proof of C2's greatness. when great games are being made with one engine, word to get out to the world.

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