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  • Hi,

    I am trying to create a car racing game with top view(bonnet of the vehicle is only). the Y axis of the Road sprite is adding by 1 in every one second. so that the car seems to be like moving forward. I have added a global variable globe_inc = 1 and it is getting incremented by 1 in every 1 seconds and the code which I have given is sprite.Y +0.5*globe_inc. So that the speed will increasing. The real issue which I am facing is that the speed exceeds certain limit the the road image is breaking please see the link below. Kindly help to fix this issue.


  • capx

    i used the wrap behavior

    maby this helps

    greets rudi

  • Thanks Rudi,

    This tip was really helpful to me. I have one more issue. Now Iam trying to give a slow down effect for the car when UP arrow is released. I tried to decrease the value from global variable but not seems to be working.

    I tried the same using "Bullet" behavior by increasing the Gravity on UP arrow is pressed,So that I can control the the player and other vehicles easliy, but it seems to be like Bullet and Wrap is not working together. It will be great if you can help me out in this issue.

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