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  • Hello! I am currently working on a little project in which you can shape your own landscape and plant villages in different places and they will interact etc. That is the basic concept in my mind. I've only started world creation. I can create hills and things perfectly fine, but I am having trouble with deletion. Basically as long as you are clicking you can make hills out of little blocks, and I want it so when you right click the blocks they are deleted. The only two ways I could think of were to make it so when I right click it deletes the block but that just deleted all the blocks. So I used "on Right button clicked on solidTile" "Delete".

    This does what I want, but you have to click every time to delete a block. I want it so you just hold the button and drag to delete blocks. I tried adding a repeat every 0.1 seconds but I cant as it is "button CLICKED" and not "button down" or whatever. I want to know is there any way around this? Thanks in advance.

  • Mouse clicked object - Destroy object.

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  • Again, I tried that but it only deletes on object per click. I want to be able to hold down the mouse button and delete multiple objects.

  • Maybe try having onMouseOver (cursor is overlapping object), and onMouseButtonDown (you're holding down right click)?

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