Help: Weird gameplay change!

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  • Hello everyone.

    I don't know what forum to put this in so it went here. This is like a bug but I can't reproduce it and so can't put it in the bugs forum.

    So... there I was, making my game, not making any changes to my events, just my layout, when I hit run the game. the main player no longer behaves as he should. His jumps became lower (but not all the time), and his animation is too slow. I feel like it is a dt issue, but thats the funny part- The game is frame-rate independent and has been working perfectly fine for two months. I thought perhaps somewhere I made a mistake and so I reverted the project back to an earlier known version, destroying the last week of level building progress. This did not fix the problem either! (so I suppose I can restore my level progress)

    Basically, the game simply stopped functioning as it is supposed to. It was working 5-12-2014 fine in the early part of the day, but not later in the late evening. reverting to older known working instances of the project did not help. I am at my wits end and have no idea what to do or look for.

    Does anybody know something that may help? Has anyone experienced this before? I need to make one final note. Along with the game not working the way I expected it to, the game also started running at 60fps. All my projects always ran at 40 (it seemed to be capped there) but now they all run at 60fps. I am wondering if something internal in construct changed that would cause this and thus throw dt off - which doesn't make sense either. The game is fully frame rate independent. Of this I am certain. I made it so several months back and and it has worked like a boss until yesterday.

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  • i understand your pain but the way you describe things it makes no sense regarding the way C2 handles things.

    it sounds like your cpu or another component of your pc is failing,and thus the irrational behavior.

    i know that maybe you cannot post a .capx but without it i don't think we can help you.

  • I figured out what was wrong! I was applying dt to impulses that controlled the player. impulses are not time based so when I tweaked them to get what I wanted out of them while applying dt they became much weaker when the fps increased to 60.

    I still want to know why the game all of a sudden switched fps though, it does seem like a computer thing... and is there a way to set max fps?

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