Help uploading game to Scirra arcade.

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  • Win I try to upload my game to Scirra arcade I get this message

    Your game appears to use plugins/behaviours not allowed!

    I have no idea wot to delete or wear to find it

    pleas help Thanks.

  • Have you read the tutorial regarding uploading to the Arcade HERE?

    If you have any 3rd party plugins in your game, then you will have to remove them first.

  • I Have read it and I don't have any 3rd party plugins.

  • Here's a quick and dirty way of testing for plugins:

    If you haven't already, save your game as a Project. Open the .caproj in a text editor and look for the section at the top that looks like:


            <plugin id="Button" version="1">Button</plugin>

            <plugin id="Mouse" version="1">Mouse</plugin>

            <plugin id="Keyboard" version="1">Keyboard</plugin>

            <plugin id="Text" version="1">Text</plugin>

            <plugin id="wastrel_or" version="1">OR</plugin>


    As you can see from this example, there is a definite 3rd-party plugin (wastrel_or).

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  • Thanks! their is sum how do I get rid of them.

  • If you have 3rd-paty plugins or behaviors, they will show in the Object Types section of the Projects list. These will need to be deleted, but you will first have to remove any behavior from any object that has used it, then just delete from the list.

  • woldint that get rid everything in the game

  • No only the objects using the plugins..

    Which plugins are you using?

  • Yes, you will have to find ways to code the game without the custom plugins/behaviors.

    For now that's what you need to upload to the arcade.

  • It could certainly break parts of your game, depending on what plugins you've used.

    As an example, if you did happen to use wastrels 'Or' plugin, then you would need to re-write the code before deleting the object, or the code will be removed.

    It all depends on what plugins you have used.

  • Ok thanks every body for the help.I will work on re-write the code and try again later. Thanks again

  • Not being very experienced with Construct 2, I don't really know which plugins are 3rd party and which are not. It seems like "Touch" is on the "not allowed" list. If that is true, it's pretty annoying.

  • gardnerp: 3rd party plugins are plugins and behaviors that you may have downloaded from the plugins section and installed into your C2.

    If you did not add any 3rd party plugin, the current built-in plugisn that are NOT supported in the arcade are : WebStorage, AJAX, Browser and Facebook. (source: uploading to Scirra arcade Tutorial).

    Touch is allowed in the arcade.

  • Here's how little I know: I didn't know there was a plugins section on the site. To that end, I don't think that I have downloaded and installed any plugins...   Perhaps it was behaviors causing the problem.

    Here's what I did:

    I removed Touch and went back to Mouse

    I also removed the Jump Through behavior (the one so you can jump up onto platforms from beneath)

    I guess it's just a little counter-intuitive, one (meaning I) would think that the items included in the base IDE would be okay to use for games on the site.

    At any rate, my game is up now. It's called Baller and it's not very good. ;)

  • I) would think that the items included in the base IDE would be okay to use for games on the site.

    They are, except : WebStorage, AJAX, Browser and Facebook.

    Jump-thru and touch were ok, you could have left them in the project.

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