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  • Hello,

    I have two layouts, one for the game and one for setup using the same event sheet. I want the setup layout to load first, so I ordered it at the top, but if I then preview the game and enter the game layout portion, and end there - then make some edits and then re-preview, it doesn't start at my setup layout.

    So I added first thing

    system -> On start of layout -> Go to SetupLayout

    However, when I do this my AJAX calls at the beginning of the game never complete. (I may have created a circular loop). If I disable the above action, it works just fine. Here is the relevant code, with the action that causes the problem disabled:

    How can I ensure the right layout is always loaded first?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Go to the project properties tab, under Project Settings there is "First Layout", specify it in there.

  • Awesome -- thanks.

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  • ... except it was already set to that.

  • Are you running the project or just running the layout? By default, C2 previews the last Layout used.

  • kbtbc If your "setup" layout doesn't use the same exact events as your "game" layout, then I would separate the single event sheet into two event sheets. Easier to manage; less hassle and headache.

    If you intend to keep one event sheet, may I suggest separating your "setup" and "game" events in separate groups so that you can effectively use the "Set group active" action. Activating and deactivating certain groups when needed should help.

  • zenox98 -- yes - that makes some sense, since both layouts use the same event sheet I wasn't expecting that -- but that was it.

    arthology -- I love groups and just yesterday organized all my events into them -- makes it much more easy to follow and activate/deactivate sections of the project. Great advice!

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