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  • Hello I am new to construct 2 and I have been going thru the tutorials. So I have started building something, just to test out capabilities. It is a platformer game and so far I have been able to get everything to work the way I think it could till I get to enemies.

    Quick rundown of my Layout. The size is 8192x960. I did this intentionally so that I can have 2 levels of height 480 per layout. Now on the top 480 I have enemies and they are moving back and forth just fine, the character can jump on top of them and kill them just fine.

    I went to start on the bottom 480(mind you just adding enemies there) and the character now runs behind all enemies and cannot kill them

    All I did was just hit ctrl+click and drag a copy of the enemy to the lower half of the screen, is there something where construct 2 is just having a bug?

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  • nevermind I got it to work, it was a problem with my event sheet

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