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  • Now that my NG game jam submission is 'done', I'm going to move on to turning my space shooter into a full game. The first thing I'm working on is getting my title screen right (the 'game' itself is disabled so don't worry about the gameplay not working).

    If anyone has experience with creating spaceship AI, I would like to talk to you.

    I'll actively update this thread as I slowly develop my title screen.

    First problem: How do I confine the player ship and enemy ships so they don't fly too far off the screen?


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  • I tried uploading this live, but now I get a black screen :(

    Icarus Test

  • I assume you've updated this since this post was over a month ago, but did you try the method I told you about for Korelos? Basically, have the ships move and rotate towards a location on the screen and every second or so, change the location (somewhere close-ish to the player). As the player moves, it creates some interesting AI and it's all I needed for my game. People were convinced I had AI for chasing, running away, dodging bullets etc, but it was all an effect of this behaviour. It probably only works for top-down shooters, but it was a great time-saver for my game.

    I can't get this capx to work by the way, but since it's old and I'm on the newer version of C2, that might explain it.

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