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  • Basics:

    Roll a ball around and collect stars, while staying on top of the disks. When you collect a certain number of stars, Achievements are triggered, and award you with a certain number of 'Shield' power-ups.

    The problem:

    Lets assume you have collected exactly 4 Stars and die. You touch "replay' and on the start of layout, the ball is created center of layout along with at least 1 disk. Sometimes there are other disks that overlap each other where the ball is created, and thus, Stars themselves, as seen in the Gameplay image - in this scenario, instead of the StarsCount =5, it jumps from 4 to 6. So it does not award any shields. (I had the Event on line 7 StarsCount_achieve =5 at the beginning. I've since changed it, trying to figure this out.)

    Again looking at the Events/Actions image, with these Events/Actions, it will award the correct number of shields if the above scenario plays out, but now, each time you die and replay, on the start of layout when the ball is created, it will award you with the number of shields it did the very 1st time, again and again, each time the layout starts.

    This is the Events/Actions that allow the ball to spawn the shield. I have to 'deactivate' this group or the ball will spawn multiple instances of the shield.

    I've moved the actions up, to line 7, moved them down to line 8, it seems it's one or the other for awarding the shields.

    If anyone can help out with this problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

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