[help] spriter objects disappear after exporting

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  • So... I'm making an RPG in C2 and for the battle sprites I use Spriter for easy animation stuffs

    this is the battle when in preview:


    but then I tried to export the game to desktop with node-webkit, it all worked fine until I tried the battle scene on the game, then I see this:


    So, the enemy and the character doesn't appear, the only thing that appears is the sword which is the only sprite that is not from Spriter. However even though it wasn't shown the spriter object was created, it's because the sword sprite only created when the hand sprite that is in the same container with the spriter object created.

    At first I thought the sprites (and spriter object) was somehow immediately destroyed after created which explained why only the sword was shown. But I can still move right and left with the keyboard input (the background also moved so I can tell) so that means the spriter object was still there, only it's somehow not shown.

    and also, because the sword is not moving when it should, it's also somehow unpinned to the hand sprite, or maybe the hand sprite stayed in one location and not visible.

    I don't know why this thing happened only when exporting and totally fine when I'm previewing on browser, so I'm appreciating any help from anyone. Does other's project that use Spriter also have this kind of problem?

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  • actually, it's fixed. Turns out I have to uncheck "minify script" when exporting for Spriter plugin to work properly. This topic is closed

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