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  • I've been switching my game over to use spriter animations and I've kind of hit a wall.

    Originally I used a sprite pinned to a simple shape and used the "is playing" condition with the sprites animation.

    Now I can't seem to find the same thing for my spriter object. I was wondering if I am missing something or if there is a work around that someone might have thought of to replace the "is playing" condition.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I don't use is playing, I tend to stick to variable values. So if I do something I set an animation and then I set a variable to a certain value. Then I just test to see if that variable is set to that value when checking to run other animations...

    Not the same but if done correctly it can work very well.

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  • I'll add this in the next update. along with set visible and disable collisions

  • thanks for the replies,


    I do the same, but in combination. I never really thought that I could just use another var. Thanks for the suggestion and help


    I can't wait to get the next update and to show everyone the difference spriter has made for my Dragon DaKoo. I really enjoy spriter, can't wait to see version 1.0 pro hit, the more I use it the more potential I see it has. This is bloody awesome of you, so thanks for the support!:)

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