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  • My first marketable game with Construct 2 is complete and I'm just tweaking some of the UI, however I've been having trouble trying to load a font into Construct 2 via the Sprite Font plugin. I'm trying to load the numbers from the well-renowned Kenney's Platformer Pack, has anybody used the Sprite Font plugin or Kenney's fonts before? I uploaded some of the custom number fonts as an example, could it be because the the numbers are individual sprites and not together?




  • Yep. Sprite fonts are a sheet of characters and you tell Construct 2 what are the characters and the size of them.

    Like this one:

  • This whole sprite sheet won't work either, am I doing something wrong?


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  • Are you setting up the characters and sizes etc in the spritefont properties?

  • The font is not laid out in a grid and won't work unfortunately - the top row and 2nd row have a different number of characters and Sprite Font requires the characters in the image to be evenly spaced. I recommend using GYFM if you haven't tried it already. You can easily recreate the font effect you showed above and you can always edit an exported png in GIMP or similar for more effects.

  • awmace5, you have to space the characters evenly. Get the biggest character, put it inside a square and space them all in similar squares, with one character per square.

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