Help with Spawn/Create and movement

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  • Ok, i dont get it some of the things in this engine are very strange.

    Let say i want to make an AI move from top to bottom. Since the object is already added to the layout, i can go with:

    Set Position (x,y)

    Then Set X,Y self.x/y + 100 * dt

    If i destroy it outside the layout, i wont be able to use this object later. So i must use clones or learn to use Create or Spawn.

    When i use Create, it spawns continuously (why it should do this, i dont get it) the correct function could be Create X or Infinite of this object vs cords...Its like this function was made only for bullets...

    So whats the correct loop to create a single object, or two..?

    On Condition - Create a object at specific coordonates

    Do something with the object

    So far i tried:

    Trigger Once : Create object

    Every Tick: Move

    Object Y > X : Destroy

    But somehow it spawns 2 objects.


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  • Well i figured it out, not sure if this is the correct way, but anyway:

    System Trigger Once: Create Object

    Every Tick: Move

    Other things

    Note: If we dont isolate Every Tick: it will move all object with that name at anytime are spawned.

    If you have more advanced or better example, please share:P

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