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  • Hi guys, I am a 2 day old construct user and need help with folling issues.

    I created a SOLID which is moving vertically up & down. It's purpose is to destroy my PLAYER upon collision under 3 conditions;

    1. Solid is moving

    2. Player is below solid

    3. Player is standing on platform and not jumping or falling

    I have been able to implement conditions 1 & 2 but when I try to add new condition (platform is on floor) inexplicably the Solid will cease to destroy Player entirely. How do I fix that?

    Also, I have given the Solid 8 Direction behavior and switch direction whenever it collides with the Platform (another Solid, not the Player!) and an invisible marker in mid air.

    I want to make my solid pause movement for 2 seconds whenever it collides with abovementioned platform and invisible marker. How do I acheive that?

    Many thanks in advance for any help I receive!

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  • Hey Duper,

    We could use another method to check for collisions. Im assuming you want your character to die from the shockwaves when the object slams into the ground.

    Imagine you had an invisible background object that overlaps the player only when he is standing on the ground. (or if you have the same ground object you can check if the player "Is overlapping" that ground object).

    There is a ton of different ways you could utilise depending on your stage design. If its a flat stage you could check the players Y or when the thing crashes down it could spawn an object either side of it and if that object overlaps the player you could kill him. Just to give you some ideas, the flexibility of C2 is amazing.

    For the not being able to move part, if you gave your player an "instance variable" called 'PlayerMove' then you could set that variable to 1 (when required) and then have an event:

    Every tick

    PlayerMove = 1   -> Set ignoring input* to true

    Every tick

    PlayerMove = 0   -> Set ignoring input to false

    *(the input relates to the platform behaviour action).

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