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  • I am trying to make a fighting game platform.

    my problem is :

    i set the keyboard to "A" so i will PUNCH but, after pressing A it punches but it will stop. i don't know how to say. but if we play fighting game such " King of Fighter ", we spam A A A A A to punch right ?

    i can't spam A A A A, how many A i spam the result is 1 = punch..

    HELP ME..

  • Can you post your events here so we can see whats wrong?

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  • lets see,

    my real problem:

    i found many tutorial i did is the Player using the Gun as weapon,

    in the gun theres a bullet and the bullets is a sprite.

    it is easy if our Player used gun to shoot against the monster


    How if Player used his hand. how do replace the hand like the bullet ?

    should i crop the hand and consider it as bullet ?

    else ,

    no need to crop but using the present sprite.

    i tried to do many things

    what i want is when i set my anime to punch the enemy,

    the enemy dead. i search for the tutorial but i didnt find any elements that suits to my project..

    sorry for my English. =(

  • If animation "punch" is playing and "your sprite" is overlapping/in collision with different sprite -> do something


    At specific frame of your punch animation, spawn new sprite (detector).

    As always, there is many ways to do that kind of stuff.

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  • i found it..


    what i did is,

    i create a new invisible square.

    so i named it as "punch",

    when i set animation " punching " ( and i make sure my image point is set real well. ) Player > spawn "PUNCH" on layer 1(image point 1).

    and it fixed!

    thanks guys

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