Help with PlugIn loading problem ??

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  • Hey-- I have a 32 bit windows system with 1GB of ram && running windows 7 && everything else is fine, but I purchased a template from the scirra store that requires a plugin called "Rex_MoveTo" && it is not doing correctly. I suspect the problem is that the plugin was written and/or compiled on a more modern windows 64 bit system with windows 10 ( I do not know this for a fact, but I suspect this) && that per se nothing is wrong with the plugin, but is not compatible with my 32 bit system-- is that possible ?? Does anybody have similar experience that could offer any tips to trouble-shoot ?? Would be very grateful for any reply or help at all && kind regards, mark-p.

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  • Do you get any error, what is the error message? Did you install the plugin correctly?

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