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  • Hello, how are you all?

    I have a question about constrcut 2. Next week I have to present my game and I need to make circuit paths with a finger. I dont explain so well. The game will need to show a pattern and you have to repeat it with your finger.

    An example of what I need is the graffiti JetSetRadio mode.

    You must repeat the direction shown with the finger.

    Excuse my English. A greeting.

  • Can you try to explain it better?

  • never did anything like it.. but here's a guess...

    maybe you can split the arrow image (that the player will trace) in to separate sprites. then do a IsTouchingObject for each sprite..set an instance boolean to say it was touched. then on Touch End check if all the bools are true.. if not then the player didn't do it right else they did.

    since it's the whole object that's eligble to be touched (and not a hitbox).. the difficulty will be in how many pieces you break the arrow into...

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  • actually, maybe you could make an empty object and just make a bunch of copies. then just place them on top of the arrow.. then do a For Each and if one is false then the player didn't trace it correctly.

  • This 3rd party plugin might be just what you want..


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