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  • At first - sorry for my eng.

    Help pls!!! I dont know how to make game like this, but i realy wont this game

    Help pls)

    The first button "Очистить" - clear all.

    The second - "Показать" - show what you need to do.

    And the last - exit

  • This is just an executable, and I for one am not running an unknown .exe.

    Maybe best if you produce screenshots and post them.

    It would also help if you said how much experience you have of using C2. Have you already tried to reproduce this game?

    If so, how far have you got?

    If you haven't even made an attempt, why not?

    ** EDIT **

    Actually, this is an old game written using Construct Classic. Have you tried contacting the person for the original .cap?

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  • Of course I already tried to do this game, but not gone away! I can not think about the basic mechanics of work.

    In construct not a novice, but not profesional)

    Previously, he worked in the Classic.

    Contact the author tried, but he does not answer.

    If not difficult, please tell me how to do

    sorry for my eng)

  • Maybe best if you produce screenshots and post them.

    With the help of screenshots would be difficult to explain)

  • I suggested that there are plugins that can help to do this

  • Will anyone help me?

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