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  • the best thing about intel xdk is that they dont force any splashscreens unless u want to. outside that.. its a crappy slow piece of a compiler... i used it 2 times, got similar problems with it even though, i recompiled and fixed all glitches in the game it wold still not play sound or not recognize the plugins, try using coconjs or phonegap they both have free plans as well.

    as for the error u got, do you have any custom plugins that are meant to replace the official Android IAP? inside ur project that u dont use ? and u might forgot it in there?

    cause based on the the iap installed and the 2nd one not the same.

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  • It's weird because I do not have any plugin installed, only the default ones to construct, my game is super simple but have a lot of mistakes ...

    In old mobile is slow and blurry error, when compiling the .apk ,15 seconds to enter the game ...

    With phonegap coconjs or you can get the apk?

    Yesterday download attempt "phonegap" but does not carry installer ... I stressed this

    Sorry my english

  • Sampling: linear

    WebGL: off

    use high DPI: No

    Fullscreen quality: High

    Downscaling: High

    Pixel rounding: off

    And still is fuzzy on small screens

  • Kyatric is right I did not say anything about UNDER Android OS 4. With OS3 out of question

  • But in small-screen mobile with Android 4+ you would have to go well no?

  • I recommend using the performance is great on both android and ios for me at least but they do force you to use their splash screen unless you pay $500 and visit the forums for tutorials on exporting it with construct 2

  • What are the differences between paying $ 500 and phonegap or Intel that are free?

    It will look as bad as with xdx

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