Help please, build causes lag.

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  • Hey, I have recently made a small game, and built it for web, and played it through chrome on my cell. However, when I followed the tutorial, and build it using cordova to test it on my android after downloading the build again from Intel XDK. The game feels laggy. Using XDK's test without a build seems to work fine though. Does anyone know what this may be? It is kind of frustrating.

  • Think you need to provide some code or performance data, its really hard for people to debug a feeling that it might be slower

  • Okay, sorry, I was just assuming it was something stupid during build I didn't know or something. will this help?

    Thanks for coming back to me by the way.

  • Well im not really into Cordova and all those mobile issues. So probably, I cant help you at least. But the performance seems to be 120 FPS no collisions, low memory use. I can see you have paused it, are the numbers you get the same when you run it? Because from what I can see there shouldn't be any problems if this is the performance you get, at least according to the debugger.

  • Yes it's all the same while running. This is what I don't understand. It's a real headscratcher. Weird thing is also that it runs fine in the browser from my dropbox, but as the app I built it seems to lag. I am wondering if ludei's cocoonjs is better or something. I think I will test a cocoon build later on to see.

  • I see, you need some of the people that knows about mobile exporting to help you, I know nothing about what to expect from them as I don't make anything for those platforms.

  • I see, well thanks anyways! I appreciate your time. Hopefully someone will come to my rescue.

  • I'm having the same issue.

    I can put just a square on the canvas and animate it with sine movement and it will cause things to lag.

    Run the same game on a mobile web browser and it's very fast.

  • How did you build your game inside Xdk did you use the Android option or Crosswalk

  • I personally used the android option.

    I can try crosswalk.

  • Try your build with the crosswalk option. Once you compile with the XDK choose Crosswalk for Android.

    Are you using any computational intensive plugins (i.e. physics)?

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  • I used crosswalk option. I don't use physics, the only behavior used is platform and destroy outside layout.

  • I am also pretty curious about this. Always after a intel XDK the game feels laggy. It aren't big spikes but really just a laggy feel and some slower movements etc.

    I build for Cordova and select Crosswalk for Android in intel XDK.

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