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  • Hi guys, im completley new to construct 2, im trying to create a game were the player has the ability to walk, run, jump, crouch, roll and tiptoe.

    If i could give an example of my players functionality, i would like him to have the same controls as abes odyssey.

    I would like to achieve the following.

    right and left arrows = walk

    up arrow = jump

    down arrow (pressed once) = crouch and stay crouched

    Up arrow (from crouched position)= stand back up again

    left and right arrows when crouched = roll/crawl (to get through tunnels or dodge bullets etc)

    I am very new to construct, but if i can get this step finished then i will be very happy and start overcoming some of the games play-ability (enemies, puzzles etc)

    I am a quick learner, but if you choose to help me then it would be good if you could present your information in a simple manner.

    I do have all the animations ready. Just need some form of event setup.

    Also, if anyone wants to throw anything in about snapping my players movements to a grid, that would be ace.

    I dont want my player to be able to move around whilst in the air, I would like my player to be able to grab onto ledges and pull up.

    Basically, if i could copy the player functionality of abes odyssey that would be a great start for me.

    Cheers guys.

  • If you're asking for a packaged solution, then you're in the wrong place. If you're asking for advice: do the intro tutorials, read everything in the manual, trawl the forums and just start working on something.

    You've already got the basics mapped out in your head by the looks of things, so I'm sure you'll put together something sooner than you'd expect.

    We're here to help if you get stuck with any specifics, but showing that you've put in some effort first is a good idea.

  • I have started on something, just don't have a drop box yet to share it. I'm struggling to find any tutorials that will further my character movement to what i already have, such as grabbing ledges etc. There are some posts about this on here for the ledge grabbing and I'm having a play around with it. It would be nice to start from the simple bits first. The way my game will hopefully turn out is similar to the abes odyssey game, but abes movements seem to snap to a grid, this helps when lining up jumps etc. If i can achieve that kind of functionality, half the battle is won for me. Each step needs to be (1 square) on the screen, if that makes sense. So how do i get my characters movements to stick to a grid? so for instance, if i touch the right arrow key, the player moves one step, which would be one square. If i hold it down, the player runs over each successive square. Like i say, im new to all this, i have played around with construct and game maker, but i can never seem to find a way to get past the basic movements.

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  • Here's an example of how i would like my player to move on a single key press to move left or right, but when running, continuously take steps over the grid at a much faster rate,.

  • I'm not sure why you'd want grid movement, though. Surely the player can align themselves to ledges to prepare for the jump? Personally, I'd find restrictive grid movement to be annoying to the player, and I think it'd be a waste of development time to get it working. Even a highly technical platformer like Prince of Persia doesn't restrict player movement in such a way.

    With regards to edge grabbing, there are two examples in the How Do I FAQ. I'd suggest working through those and coming back if you get stuck.

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