Help with my platform & making my sprite appear

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  • I've got 2 small issues i was hoping someone can help with.

    My first issue with my platform, when testing out my game i've noticed a dark line that appears on some of the platforms and i can't figure out why that is. It happens on random platforms and can be quite noticable, especially when you notice it the first time. Most platforms appear correctly, but the ones with a dark line at the top are really bugging me and have no idea what it could be. I've posted a picture below so you can see.

    My second issue is that i wanted to add a feature where when the score hits 1000, a small picture will appear over the players head and then dissapear, something similar to the metal gear solid games where the red exclamation mark appears over the enemys head. I've use the Pin behaviour to try and do this but it's not working right for me, i don't know if this is what i should be using.

    I've uploaded a capx file (which you can download from the link below) so you can see what i've done.

    Hope someone can help, both issues i've mentioned appear in the capx.

  • Simply set the image position every tic above the player and set it invisible.

    Score = 1000 .... Image set visible - wait 3 seconds - set invisible.

    Trigger once

  • Thanks but thats not going to work as my game is an autorunner, so my player will be constantly moving and jumping. So I can't set a certain position as a result, which is why i thought the Pin behavour might just work.

    Any other suggestions?

  • Pin behaviour will work if you're doing it right. A common mistake is to not first set the position, before pinning the objects together..

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  • I guess i'm not doing it right then Could you perhaps show me how its done with the capx i provided?

  • Like I said, set the position first, then pin. I also fixed some other stuff.

    What I did:

      1. Add an image point above the player's head 2. When reach 1000:
        set smiley visible position it to that image point (added) pin to player(moved; see below)
      3. Added a 'trigger once' otherwise it will be doing the above every tick (probably could've changed the System:TotalDistance>=1000 to =1000 4. Disabled the Sprite:Is visible->Sprite Pin to Player event as it's not necessary due to step 2

    Note: using Wait x seconds can be confusing to use.. other events don't stop while the time passes...

  • Thats great thanks.

    Could i get some help with my other problem as well please? I don't know why the dark line appears on some of my platforms. What i have noticed is that if i erase just small bit off the top of my platform, a line appears that forms the shape of the platform.

    I've provided a picture to show this

    I don't know why this appears, whether its a bug or not but it's really annoying.

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