Help with Planet Physics and Jump

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  • Hello guys,

    I have a physical problem in my project.

    I have a planet where my player moves around it via the keyboard.

    When he jumps and is out of the gravitational field (yellow circle), I would like to retorar the standard physical and make him fall down naturally. But before falling, it is rising in veritcal. And I wish he just fell.

    Can you help me? (Sorry, but I can't permission to post URL about my .capx file)

    My file .capx https : //

    To make it clearer understanding, I would make a game like TA Little Red Riding Hood

    I would like a result like this www .

    This is my EventSheet

    This is my layout game

    My player has a Platform behavior and my Planet have a Solid behavior (just it)

  • Your description is vague and you need to post the image links in text.

  • gumshoe2029 My file .capx https : //

    When the player leaves the gravitational orbits it is forced upward, but it should only fall.

    I would like a result like this www .

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  • You probably want to use the sprite collision detection, then see if the Physics behavior has a flag something like:

    if Sperm sprite is colliding with planet sprite


    Sperm sprite physics flag = off

    then you can just manually move the sperm sprite around the planet object.

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