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  • Hi guys, pretty new on this forum and construct. But the program is amazing. All the tutorials a great help, but I'm stuck on details. I've got an alpha game running to try out all sorts of things while working on my bigger project. My problem is, when you play the game, you will notice that the dolphin will bump with head and tails on the reef sections, but he can turn right through it. How can I also make him bump on his side part? Here's a link to the game:

    Hope anyone has a good tip for me here <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";-)" title="Wink">


  • just taking a shot in the dark here....

    Did you make a custom collision boundary (collision polygon) for the dolphin, & it has a pointy tip at the nose? I've had this problem before. The problem was that the player's boundary was just narrow enough to slip between the tiles (the islands, in your case), & apparently that counts enough to let it pass.

    If this is the same type of situation, try making the nose tip of the dolphin's collision boundary/polygon a little wider....close to the width of the rest of the body. That should solve it.

  • Thanks Miketv, making the collision boundary a bit wider helped a little. It's now basically only when you move the left or right arrow, so when you are turning. That's when the body goes through solids, if you bump into solids without steering, you will bounce back. So now, figuring out how to bounce the body while steering. Any thoughts on that why the collision boundary is not working here.

    Any shots in the dark here....

  • Are you turning using physics?

    If you are not, that will be the issue..

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  • Hola LittleStain, I'm using Custom Movements for the turning. I think also there lays the problem, but also should the sollution be found here I believe. But how?

  • to get the turning done you could use torque or apply impulse or force to an offcenter point. Using none physics behaviours will give unwanted results as yoy have noticed.

  • Hola guys, your help much appreciated. I solved the problem more or less by adding a subevent at the 2 control inputs. You can't move through the reef anymore. It's a bit shaky but will work for the gameplay. Now if I only get the highscore list working I will upload the revised version

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