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  • Excuse my bad English, use google translator to write this, because my English is not good (I can read English perfectly, but not write it).

    Hello, my name is Sebastian, I am a college student, I'm currently creating an educational game as a university project.

    My game has a pause menu, several submenus, items and selectable buttons (similar to the Zelda series).

    Menu structure:

    Pause Menu (tiems)

    Exit Menu

    Trophy Menu

    View Tropy

    Each of these menus is in a different layer, these layers are invisible, and only become visible if the "esc" key is pressed (Pause Menu) or the predetermined button is pressed (the other menus).

    The problem is this:

    When these menus are invisible, still work, if the user clicks on the place where they should be one of the buttons, may accidentally select items, open other menus or even close the game.

    To prevent this from happening, use the "Set layer Scale to 0" action when they were invisible and " Set layer Scale to 1.0" when they were visible.

    At first (when I tried it with only 2 of the 4 menus) it worked without problems.

    But when finished adding the remaining menus, the game disappeared and there was only a blue screen.

    This problem only occurs when I add the "Set layer Scale to 0" action to the other two submenus.

    Apparently the program does not support 4 layers that have the same action (Set Layer scale) enabled at the same time.

    I'm desperate, I do not know how to make the layers and invisible elements do not interfere with the game.

    Please help if anyone knows how to block invisible layers, it would greatly appreciate it.

  • you can do:

    if layer invisible + player clic on object "menu" > toggle disabled

    if layer visible + player clic on object "menu" > toggle enabled

  • it worked!!!

    You do not know how long I've been trying to fix this.

    Thank you very much

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