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  • I have been working with Construct 2 Free for a while just for fun, It's a game about Shrek and based of the turret template, but I really need some help, I have quite a lot of problems with this project at the moment and I just want to get it finished so any help would be great. most importantly I would like help with spawn issues, after a certain amount of seconds loads of the same unit spawn, i want to stop this but I cant tell why it happens, also when my "enemy 3" spawns it doesn't direct itself to the target, PLEASE HELP!

    Also I hope I done Dropbox right

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  • Drop box worked well (for anyone else just download as zip-- topright corner.)

    What I see:

    At ~31 seconds the mass spawning happens and a 'beware ogre' watermark spawns ( )

    I reckon it's between lines 22 and 23.. have a fiddle.. I'm going to!

    Edit: Scratch that.. has to be between 4 and 12 as it is just 'Enemy' which mass spawns not Enemny 2 (lines 22 and 23)

    Edit 2:

    It is related to line 8.. no idea how. Try disabling line 8 and the mass spawning is instant.. so that line (8) is disabling something.

  • Found it!

    Whilst that stops the spawning of the Enemy (blue) it solves your issue and I guess you can, from fresh, recreate its spawn events.

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  • Thanks :D I'm going to try it now

  • I have sorted the spawn problem and have made a new spawn but now looking into the "beware ogre" problem

  • Ok for some reason I set it to spawn another background, haha that was like line 2 as well! Thanks for help again

  • tombolla you're welcome my friend.

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