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  • Hello, I'm creating a game adaptation of animal crossing. I'm from Spain, and my knowledge of English is very low. I read some tutorial to make an online multiplayer game with Construct 2 but I can not understand.

    Basically what I would like is to add the online multiplayer option to the game I'm creating. The only option I want to add, is that players can visit the villages of each player. Let me explain: The player no one can see the player's screen # 2.

    Could you anyone help me to build this online multiplayer option?

    Thank you so much, greetings.

  • helpme please

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  • as far as I know, multi-player in construct 2 is SO COMPLICATED, that pretty much everyone agrees that it's not worth it.

    However a couple of multiplayer games have been made. and you can find them in the "FAQ" of the "how do i" section of the forum.

  • Yeah, most of us are waiting for a jump in technology. However many things seemed like they would be years out, have already happened. So I expect a surprise in 6 months to a year.

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