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  • hello everyone:

    on my game menu screen, i have a 3 sprite objects showing custom imagines that depict difficulty levels (e.g, "easy", "regular", "hard"). so when you left-click "easy", the easy sprite changes to show that it's highlighted.

    my problem is this: the left-click "code" works, exactly as i wanted but it's not responsive...sometimes i left-click on the sprites nothing happens, and so i end up left-clicking all over the "easy" sprite until the code is "activated" and the image changes. i have the same "unresponsive" issue with the other 2 sprites, what can be the problem and how shall i correct it?

    please help, this is not a good way to have my game working...with unresponsive menus, right from the get go.

  • Post a .capx

  • how do i post a capx?

  • You could probably solve it by adding a system wait 0 before you change the state of your sprite.

    I'm guessing you have an event straight after this one to do the opposite of this event and they both get triggered.

    It would be better to create an else event in order to toggle.

    On clicked if these conditions are met - do this

    else - do that

  • LittleStain: if its not too much trouble, can you please give me an example "code" of the "On clicked if these conditions are met - do this

    else - do that", or how to "a system wait 0"?

  • how about checking your collision box of the image?

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  • what's a "collision box of the image" and how do i check/alter it?

    sorry about all the basic questions; new to C2 from GM 8.1. sorry about all the basic questions, and thank you all for all your help

  • Double click on your sprite object which will pop up a image editor.

    On the left side of the image editor select "set collision polygon", which is the last icon.

    The blue box is the area that can be clicked.

  • <img src="" border="0" />

  • c4sp3r89

    thank you very much. i went there, as you directed; and the blue lines were all over the place; i moved them around into a normal square covering my sprite; the the result is AWESOME!!!!

    problem solved, thank you...and also, again thank you everyone for taking the time to help me !!! :-)

  • LittleStain

    thank you for the screen shot; i will use that in somewhere else in the game (i already have a place in the game for your code sample). thanks.

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