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  • Help me please ...

    I worked for months to build an iOS application with construct 2 .... I came to the end ... and immediately tried it on my iphone ... and I notice that WebStorage not work with iOS! I am sorry to leave this App ... because without a bailout would be useless ... and I should let it go ... I bought the license to construct this game, I want, help me? : (

  • I have a game on iOS that was compiled with CocoonJS and webstorage works fine.

    What did you use to convert the game to iOS?

  • not yet converted to native ios ...

    I had tried using safari browser ...

    Wanted convertitrlo with phonegab but exceeds 9.5MB .. so I was trying to cocoonjs ... but I do not understand very well>. <

    how do I compile it for good in order to be accepted From apple?

    I should add that I already have an apple developer license.

    and I read the guide on how to export it cocooJS (That of this site, but I knew little about how to build on the site cocoonjs ..)

  • Well you use the cloud compiler from Ludei.

    After it's compiled it sends you an email with the APK for droid and X-Code project file for iOS.

    Here is a quick guide.

  • Nothing, I just tried using the launcher .. the level you should unlock it not unlocks! How do I fix this?

  • I think you may need to give some more detail here. The question is a bit vague. Unlock what level?

  • I made a game in which is located from 10 levels, and you must complete a level to unlock another, I used webstorge for this function ... for PC ( Browser chrome,opera,firefox, all ok), but now that I'm doing but now that I'm doing for iOS "Touch" for iPhones... known that webstorge does not work. .. the level is not unlock

  • help me

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  • CocoonJS has support for LocalStorage. If you are using it, you should be good to go.

  • I solved

    I re-entered again the events concerning webstorge and now it works ... I obviously did something wrong

    Now I have a problem with cocoonjs that I can not solve, if you can give a occhiata.http :/ /

  • Hi triks,

    I am having a similar problem with webstorage on iPhone. It works without a problem on PC and iPad, however all my iPhone tests have no result, the data doesn't store.

    If you know how you fixed the problem I would be grateful if you could share your fix, thanks.


  • Never mind guys, I found out that with private browsing enabled in Safari webstorage doesn't work. I'll have to keep this in mind when publishing my app.

    Is there a better method to keeping saved data than webstorage in C2?


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