help about a math operation ( division )

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  • Hello my friends . i have a question about a math operation . how to make a division operation look like this for example ? number/other number = 1/3 and not a long number like that : 0.33333333333333333 in construct 2 and thank you in advanced

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  • Two ideas come to mind.

    One is to think back to grade school and just use two numbers, the numerator and denominator, for each number. Then you’d never actually do a divide, just multiply the denominator.

    You’ll probably need to simplify the fractions, before displaying them. But algorithms for that are easily found. It’s GCD (greatest common denominator) as I recall.

    The other idea is to find an algorithm to find the closest matching fraction to a decimal number. I used one before.

    Google is your friend here. Both ideas would be the same in most programming languages.

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