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  • Hi

    I am planning to build the biggest game ever built in construct 2,

    The game will be a (top down veiw) zombie survival game.

    I have some concerns and I would like to rise then to u

    1) how big is the map (in pixels) I need to need to make to get the biggest game.

    2) how do I do the ai of the zombies. Because at the moment the zombies keep walking to walls and that if I hide can I make them walk in random paths .

    3) from where do I get good top down objects .


  • An ambitious project indeed

    1. I guess you'd have to ask every single C2 developer ever and see what their map sizes are! More realistically, just play around with the layout to see what works best for your project. I've had maps spanning ~20,000 pixels, which may have been overkill for my project. Also, unless you're shooting for one big continuous map, remember you can always have several layouts for different parts of the map to make the game world larger.

    2. You can try using Pathfinder behavior to make zombies chase players around obstacles, and Line of Sight behavior to make it possible for the player to hide behind things.

    3. Don't know unfortunately. You can try looking through, see what they have.

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  • well for the map it mainly depends on the characters and zombi's size.

  • 1) layout size is only limited by what numbers you can store in a 64bit floating point number. Off the top of my head that you could use a number as big as 10^308, but you'll want to use something much lower. Read up on floating point numbers in Wikipedia to see why.

    2) this is done elsewhere on the forums by using the line of sight and pathfinding behaviors. The big layout isn't helping with that though since both those behaviors use a grid and the bigger the layout the larger the grid, so more stuff needs to be processed.

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