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  • Hello folks!

    So I'm having a little boggle with listboxes.

    I added a listbox element to my program and use it to display some settings that the user can choose from (e.g. an options menu). This options menu, and the listboxes, appear when the user chooses, such as a press of the ESC key or a right-click of the mouse.

    The menu comes up and the listboxes work great, the first time, and then on subsequent uses the listboxes do not appear with the rest of the option menu. All other elements in the Options menu appear/re-appear when summoned.

    The options menu operates on a higher Layer than the rest of the program with its visibility toggled on/off as needed; the elements do not respond to input if the layer is not visible. Again, all works fine except the listboxes don't re-appear. I used Z-order to make sure they weren't getting buried, but no such luck.

    Any insights? Anyone have a similar experience?

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