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  • I have a problem: ... elect.capx

    1º If just level 1 and I give below the stars and give to win and leaves the levelselect the stars obtained is preserved

    2º But if instead of giving the win, give it to the next level at all levels and go to levelselect none is saved

    You have to leave the levelselect to be saved?

    PS: I want three different sprites because I have images for each level so I think three different levelsbutton.

  • nobody knows?

  • Can you better explain the issue? It seems to be working fine and I tested it for ages. What are the exact button press steps that are not saving for you?

  • I say step by step

    1º You enter Level 1

    2º You take the stars as you want

    3º You give arrow next level

    4º You repeat the same with the previous levels

    5º Move to select level in the last level and not the stars got saved

    Thank you very much for trying to help

  • The last level being 3 right? Seems fine. If you select WIN then it saves. If you select FINISH to go back then it does not save, but this never works on any level because you only have the save to array logic under the WIN. I assume this is intentional?

  • How to change the array to level 3 to keep me out into levelselect previous stars?

    The problem is that if you entered the level and go to levelselect if I save it, but if you use next to level 3 and out is not saved ...

    I'm pretty novice, you can fix?

    I'm sorry for my English

    1->2->3 go to the level select = you keep the above stars collected

    -> = next

  • When you click "Finish Level" (object named "complete") you do not save stuff in the array. So the current's level start aren't saved.

    Otherwise, apparently, you have the same code for the "win" and "next" objects.

    In the end, you should try to factor everything to only use a single event sheet instead of one event sheet per level.

    Use the function object to reuse the similar code, and when you click buttons, call this code.

    Use "Go to layout by name" using your CurrentLevel variable to go to the appropriate layout. ("level" & currentLevel)

  • I swear I try and I hate to ask you if you fix the capx please.

    Perhaps this level select to serve others

    Sorry for my English, I am Spanish.

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  • My example: ... eMenu.capx

    Thank you, but the problem is that my level select I have very advanced, my capx is just one example.

    You could fix my capx? We would greatly appreciate it <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

  • Did you write the logic in your capx because it's a one line fix that's very easy if you wrote the events...

  • The sample I gave simply advancing level with star achievement that recorded into local storage. I even didn't look at your capx. But hopefully give you some insight about array and local storage.

  • I tried but it does not work ... besides I can hardly understand English


  • Learn to use instances, your "Levelselect" events are not efficient and modular because of it.

    Capx fixed explanations in my previous message, read it again.

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