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  • Hello everyone, my problem is this:

    I'm doing a huge game 3 or 4 GB, my idea is to distribute the content in different layouts, but when I load more than about 300 MB Internet Explorer does not load the game, even though the sprites has not been used in any Layout!!! (Google chrome is the same except that it supports more sprites) I think Construct 2 load the game all at once!!! And I want load Layout per Layout, not all at once. I included a .capx example:

    1 Download and open (obviously hahahaha)

    2 Run the game, Works Great!!!

    3 Now clone 2 or 3 times the sprite "CLONEME" (Do not clone it on Layout, only clone it on "Projects Tab")

    Result: The game will never end of loading, despite the fact that the sprites are not being used since they are not in the active layout.

    Sorry for the errors, google translator is not perfect.

  • Why you need to use ~4gb assets for your game? The size is just too large for web browsers to handle it even on the latest powerful desktop. Construct 2 is not means to create triple A games, it's designed to build games that're manageable on hopefully every platforms.

    The problem is now you load 300 megabytes of sprites into your web browsers, which end up your system's free memory is even lower than the game needs. As a result, your sprites don't even load into memory and rendered to the screen.

    Remember not to waste your memory.

  • Yes, but I'm NOT using ALL Sprites at once, this is a simple (but long game), I want load only sprites IN USE, How can I load only the sprites I need? for the current layout.

  • At least for internet explorer C2 its not so adapted, but even with chrome and firefox the assets are too many for a server to handle or to load and wont load.

    you should repeat sprites in your game thats how in super mario bros they can handle many for example bushes and clouds are the same sprite but with different effects and it does not matter so much becouse is a background:

    You should also consider this information:

    hope this can solve your problem

  • Depending on the game, you could load needed images in ajax and keep the project light.

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  • Thanks friends for your help I have read all documentation before post my question... but my problem is not performance, my problem is weight!!! Ashley also says otherwise... But Construct ignores this and load the entire game into RAM, I think this is a Construct "problem" or maybe a "bug" XD

    Can anyone ask Ashley?

  • We have no idea of what you are doing. Make a bug report with a simplified capx if you are sure it is a bug.

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