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  • Hi there,

    Can anyone please help me fix my endless runner game? It's based on the template in C2. There are two problems.

    1) While playing, the player character sometimes randomly skips forward for no reason.

    2) Tapping should make the character jump and double tapping should use the chainsaw only. But right now double tapping also makes it jump as well as use the chainsaw.

    Here's the capx:



  • Well, There is nothing wrong in the Logic, It's following what you ask to do.

    When you double Tap it's it's activates the logic of jump since it is already stated and you have also give a condition to bring chain saw out when double tap.

    How to resolve

    Creat a global variable Tapcount

    If single Tap then set variable to 1

    if Double Tap Then set variable 2

    If Variable Tapcount is = 1 then jump

    If variable Tapcount is = 2 then Bring chainsaw

    since variable are set and with exact match they will only perform action according to the variable.There is a gesture options for touch "Tap" and "Tap-Double" get a reference on manual it will also help!

    Or simple solution create to sprite buttons jump and kill and use them.

    I hope it helps! if you any question feel free to ask!

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  • Thanks iGamersBox, I'll try that!

    Can anyone help with the glitch in the game where the game character skips forward randomly, it ruins the game and makes it unfair.



  • I fixed the glitch (I think). I had unecessary physics behaviour attached to the player which made it go all weird.


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