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  • hi all,

          I have question in construct 2 and i am struct in middle of the game could you guys please help out.

         I have two objects like i say(tube,stick)if i take one particular object from it i;e tube,where i have used hover of the object which it will move from (mouse.x,mouse.y)and given a limit upto x>150 to x>=500 if i click the tube it will fall down in between that limit and when it is out of the limit like X<150 to X<=500 it will change to cross mark where it cannot be fall down when i am clicked.

        But my actual problem what i am having is i have taken two more objects say(box,box1) in between of the layout when the tube hits the box it has to change to again the cross mark and prevent it from click that has to not fall down. If i collide with that box or box1 it has to change to cross mark and prevent it from falling down.

    And i can give an example for it.It is similar to the below game

    Help me to find the solution.

    Thanks in advanceE]

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