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  • Ok I made a mistake when doing something in the event editor and I need to seperate some events that are stuck together here is a screenshot:

    so how do I seperate all these into different events without doing all over again? or at least a faster way.

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  • Every tick

    currentram Set text to -> ramupgradenum * 2 & "GB Ram"

    This way you only need 1 event

  • That wont achieve want I am trying to do.

  • Can you post your .capx so I can take a look? You can upload it as an attachment

  • bobbyyak are you sure what 7soul is saying is not what you want to do. because what you said is the better way to do what that screenshot is attempting. you should try it. if it doesnt do what you want can you write what it is your trying to achieve

  • Right now it is like:

    If ramupgradenum is 1 and 2 and 3 etc... then Set text to "2GB Ram" and "4GB Ram" etc...

    It never triggers because it's not possible that ramupgradenum would be all of these values at the same time. Also if they would somehow it would only trigger the last Set text to "30GB Ram"

    Not sure how you want it to be but you could use something like

    System on start

    Text Set text to "" (Clears the text)[/code:k8f6b7iy]
    System Every 0.5 seconds
    System ram (global number) < 30
    [code:k8f6b7iy]System Add 2 to ram
    Text Append ram&"GB Ram"&newline[/code:k8f6b7iy]
    You should probably read on how events work [url][/url]
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