Help with falling through platform issue?

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  • I've been searching the forums for info on what may be causing this in my game and will continue to look but thought I'd post and see if one of you know exactly what's going on and can help me fix my issue.

    I've some platforms that I want to connect and create inclines. See the attached capx ([attachment=0:2t4gpw5n][/attachment:2t4gpw5n]) and you can see a video of the issue here:

    Basically, may player falls through the places where two platforms come together.

    Thanks in advance for your help! My first game is almost done, I can't wait to share it with y'all!

  • I'm guessing those platforms use the jump-thru behavior, and your character is using the platform behavior. I've ran into the same problem before. From my understanding, the issue is due to how the platform behavior is implemented- here's a response I got to another bug I had related to jump-thru behavior..

    What I would do is use an invisible sprite, about 2px by 2px, and give it the fall-thru behavior, and resize it so that one of them stretches across all of those sprites. That way there is no gaps/edges to cause this sort of bug.

    Or, another thing you might want to try, which I haven't tried before, is to adjust the collision box of the character so that the corners look something like this - \_____/ .. instead of |____| .. That might help? but I never tried that.

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  • Yeah, I tried something similar to that at one point. I'm working with ladders also and thought that the flat landing fixed a similar problem but I'll investigate again. Thanks.

    On the collision box, I'm using a player box and I already tried rounding the corners like you suggest; doesn't seem to help .

  • oh okay, I just checked out your capx. I didn't realize you were already stretching them out.

    It looks like the issue is that the end of the ramp that slants down doesn't end below the flat platform, so the character won't know to step up onto it. If you tilt it down slightly so that the corner goes through the flat platform, then it works appropriately.

  • Ah! Thanks! I actually just removed the flat bit and just used the angled piece all the way across for now but that's a good catch. I'll pull out an old save and try it out. Thanks!

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