Can I Get Some Help With My Exporting Issue?

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  • Im having some exporting issues on Html 5.

    I play my preview on my laptop and it works just fine but when i exported my game to html5 a grid appeared underground on my tiles and my tree is not connecting like it should.

    How is this happening if it looks fine when i previewed it?

    Here is the link to my game

    My Game

    <img src="" border="0">

  • I also see a grid, where my tiled background should be, when I test on mobile.

    Did you find any answer to that?

  • Beaverlicious No i have not gotten a reply from anyone about this issue as of yet.

    Its weird to me because everything looks fine when i am in preview mode.

    I was supposed to show my project to my main artist today but i cant show a bugged project.

  • I also see the blocks, but it is going to be virtually impossible to diagnose a problem from just this.

    The only thing I can suggest is:

    1. Do you use any non-standard plugins?

    2. Can you re-create using some dummy sprites and a simple .capx? If so, may be worth posting in the Bugs section for Ashley.

    3. Is this using the new Tilemap?

    4. If not using Tilemap, how are you retrieving the tiles?

    5. If using arrays for tiles, are you keeping track of the indexes correctly.

    6. How you tried the debugger to see which tile (type of tile) is the problem?

    In short, it may take some deep debugging to track down what may be a very simple issue. Sometimes, there are no shortcuts :(

  • zenox98

    1.I do not use any plugins that are non_standard

    2.I can try to recreate something similar with dummy sprites

    3.Im not using the new Tilemap feature

    4.Arrays are how im retrieving the tiles

    5.Im using the best methods taught to me by the forum veterans

    6.I really dont know ow to use the debugger as of yet but im open to some help on that subject aswell.

    the weird thing to me is that everything looks fine in my previews,i dont understand it but if it would help i can post my capX file in you Inbox for you to check out yourself.i really need to show this game to my artist.

  • I have the same issue, but only when i preview my Project ob mobile..

    1.No, I don't use plug-ins.

    2.Have t check that.

    3.No, it happened before the latest Release.

    4.With the old tiled-background Feature.

    5.I use just One tile, to make a grey background.

    6.Will Take a Look in the debug mode

  • there was something about leaving 1 sprite width of transparency around tiles (or not leaving it) I believe a quick search will help you.

  • Tried in latest Firefox 25.01 and I.E. 11 and it shows the tiles in both.

    If, as you say, this displays correctly in the Editor, then it implies there is a problem with the exporting part.

    Have you tried not using minify?

    Also, try without png recompression.

    This may need Ashley to have a look :/

  • zenox98 i will try not using minify this time around,This is about the 3rd time i exported it.

    I Uninstalled the program and also tried.

    Where would i post this at? in bugs?

  • Same old issue with seams, same old answer: use pixel rounding, point sampling and letterbox integer scale.

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  • Ashley

    How do you use Pixel Rounding?

    i never had this issue with the grid appearing until recent.

    Its not so much my platform character as much as it is my ground tiles and tree tiles.

    I would love to know how to use the Pixel Rounding.

    EDIT- I found out how to turn it all on but from the looks of it,It still makes things shake in the backround and also the player does aswell,Could you explain to me why it is that this happens,I have all three settings on.

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