[help] draw line between two sprites (new problem)

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  • Question: How would I draw a line, or stretch a sprite from one object to another?

    I plan on tweening (2) objects. As they tween a line needs to be drawn to connect them. I need this to be as CPU lite as possible.


  • Here's a quick example of drawing a line between objects. I use "drag and drop" for moving the objects but the method would be the same for tweening object positions.


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  • PERFECT Exactly what I needed.

    Looking at the events. I should have figured that out. Its been a few months since I was nose deep in Construct.

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Quick question. Any idea how we could fake anti-aliasing on the line. so it doesn't stair-step?

    Only thing I can think of is make it double resolution and scale down.

  • BUMP. Anyone know how I can prevent my lines from looking like crap? lol. Really need to figure this out soon before my deadline. Any help is appreciated.


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