Help diagnosing a probable error in my events?

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  • I'm not exactly sure how to explain my problem. Instead, I'll explain how to reproduce it.

    Firstly, you'll need to open the attached .capx file.

    Debug the layout. (I usually open the debugger in a separate window)

    Next you'll need to create a couple nodes. To do this, press the "1" key to begin placing a node. Click with the mouse to finalize the placement.

    Make two nodes in addition to the nodes that are already present on the layout on start.

    Place the two new nodes close to the existing nodes (preferably within 200px).

    Now, pay attention to global variable "diagnostic2", and middle click node #1.

    For some reason I get a value of 3, when it should be a value of 1.

    The key-count is too high, as far as I can tell only one instance of the dictionary is selected and it can only have 1 key at most (provided that my setup directions are followed).

    The relevant event in the project is #79.

    The project is quite messy and not commented in any useful way, however I hope that the issue is isolated enough that my mistake will be evident to an outside observer.

  • Unfortunately it uses a non-standard plugin, so unable to open.

    I did notice you are still using r172, so have you tried updating to the latest beta, or at least the stable r173 build to see if it's a bug that's already been fixed?

  • Ah, that plugin is unnecessary to the project anyway. I've removed the plugin and attached the updated file. In the meantime I will try updating to the latest stable release and see also if that fixes my problem.

  • I've now tested this in both the latest stable release, and the latest beta; no change unfortunately.

    If anyone tries out the supplied .capx and needs further clarification about what the problem is and what I'm trying to achieve I can try to explain further.

  • From what I can tell, you're adding all the nodes within 200px to the client list. Why do you think it could only have 1 key at most?

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  • I think I figured out what the problem is, my example .capx is probably too complicated to be of much use to anyone but myself.

    When I deleted the node, and tried to get a keycount directly before that, a mix-up in the events also caused nodes to be added to the client list immediately before the deletion went through, causing a keycount of 3 instead of 1.

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